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Drone Services Greenville SC

AEC Data Capture Specialist

Monitor Scope, Reduce Risk, Increase Value

Virtual Building Solutions LLC

Architectural Design SC

Our Services

Existing conditions digitization, scan to BIM, data capture for quality assurance, change management tracking, project close out, and facilities maintenance.


VBS LLC has the capability to bring value to your organization and love to problem solve!


No need to devote internal assets to niche technological capabilities or specialized data collection methods; Virtual Building Solutions provides a cost effective professional resource.


Virtual Building Solutions LLC carries UAS, General, and Professional Liability Insurance

AEC Project

Progress Tracking

DBOM Lifecycle

Data Collection

Scan to BIM

Training and

Program Development


Visualization and Marketing Imagery

(Upstate Aerial LLC)

About Us

We Digitize The Built Environment

Nearly 20 years of architectural design, BIM/ VDC, and project management, combined with years of military and civilian aviation experience resulting in specialized data capture capability from the ground or air.

In operation since 2014 (previously Upstate Aerial LLC), we are pioneers in the commercial drone industry.  DOD UAS training program development, Hurricane Harvey, and industry first PG&E Paradise fire assessment are some of our more notable projects.


Our work experience is highly diversified, commitment to clients success our top priority, and a desire to enjoy what we do is why we exist.  

Construction Drone Services

Recent Projects

Our Approach

We left the corporate world because life is too short to be a cog in a machine.  Ironically, we work more now because we love what we do and are excited to help others find solutions

Work Hard

Enjoy Life

Never stop learning, never stop working to be better.  With that; the more you accomplish, the more you should be willing to help others find their success

Professionalism & Empathy Matter

Profession, social status, and  identity don't matter as much as who you are when no one is around.  Humble beginnings translate a strong desire to give back and devotion to operating with integrity.  We love to share our story if it can inspire others

Give More Than You Take

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